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Always you will be inform about an actual technical
condition of your car. Every costumer is welcomed.
Auto service and tyre servis Hadvo provide for

a complex services and make an individual price offer
according customer request. We are honestly believe
the gather a confidence of our customers with fair
approach and hope to gather Your as well.

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The base of car safety is accurate tires for your car belong for season. Winter changing tire is recommended done, when outside temperature is going under the 7°C. Summer changing tire season starting when the temperature is decrease up 7 °C .
In this case we recommended to make an appropriate space for make a reservation.
  • Tyre change for run-flat tires
  • Tyre change for low-profile tyres
  • Tyre change for trucks and motorbike
  • Tyre change with pressure sensor
  • Tyre change with inner tube
  • Tyre change with air compress rifle (OFF Road tire)
  • Storage tires during whole year
  • Repair, sanding and painting wheels